3 Signs Your Pipes Need Repair

1. Low Water Pressure: Low water pressure in your pipes will make taking showers and dish washing difficult, and is one of the first signs your pipes need maintenance or repair. If you notice any changes in the amount of water your home’s fixtures produce, or the speed/force with which it flows, there’s a good chance your pipes are clogged or breaking at some point in your home.

2. Damp Walls: Water stains on the wall or floor indicate you need to call HW Bryk & Sons for pipe leak repair before it results in serious water damage.  If you wait too long, you run the greater risk of mold growth, which will reduce the quality of your air and can be extremely harmful to you and your family.

3. Rusty Spots: Rust spots on your piping is a good indication that you have old faulty pipes that must be replaced. Call HW Bryk & Sons for service immediately–this will save you a lot of money down the road if your pipes were to burst.

If you suspect faulty pipes in your home, call HW Bryk & Sons today! We will carefully examine your plumbing system for cracks, dents and blockages. After repairing your pipes, your entire plumbing system will run more smoothly–this will lower your water bill and keep your family happy and healthy!

For your peace of mind, we offer 24 hour emergency service!

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